You want to take the van out but might have a lot of questions. Where do I park? Where do I sleep? What about insurance? This page is designed to answer as many of those questions as possible. Have a question that isn't on this page? Give us a call at 205-276-3726


What are the rates?

2-6 Days - $99/day

7-29 Days - $95/day

30+ Days - $90/day


Are their mileage limits?

No way! Wheres the fun in that? Campervan rentals include 100 free miles per day. Additional miles are charged at .25/mile. If you know you are going to be driving over the free miles you can save money by purchasing additional mileage packages HERE before you leave.


Where should I take the van?

Alison Wondervan can be driven anywhere in the lower 48 states. We encourage you to dream as big as you want. Some customers want to tour the National Parks out west while others want to spend a few days in the Gulf. Travel on your terms. Your imagination is your biggest limitation


What is included in my rental?

100 free miles per day (any mileage over your free miles are charged at .25/mile)

Bench and table area that converts into a full XL bed

1 Set of sheets

1 Light blanket

Cooler for drink and food storage

Propane stove for cooking or boiling water

1 Small propane tank for the stove (additional can be purchased at time of pickup)

2 Knives, forks and spoons

1 Cutting knife

1 Pot w/ lid

1 Skillet

1 Coffee pour over

1 Dishrag

1 Dish scrubber with soap

A pop-up sink and sprayer for dishes

Bottle opener

Roof Basket for open-top storage


Where do I park it?

The great freedom of campervans is that you can park it wherever you can legally park a vehicle. Some people prefer the comfort and amenities of a state or national park while others are fine crashing in Walmart parking lot for the night. The key things to think through are if you desire amenities like restrooms and showers. 

State park campgrounds

National park campgrounds

Dedicated campgrounds such as KOA

Trailhead parking lots

Public lands (only applies out west)

Walmart parking lot

Public parking spaces

Neighborhood streets

The van does not require shore power hookups or sewer hookups so some campgrounds will allow you to stay on "primitive camping spots." These are camping spots that are normally used for tent campers. These rules will vary from campground to campground. I have stayed in campgrounds that cost $10 a night (primitive) and some that cost $80 a night (Full RV site). Be sure to plan your trip and call ahead for fees and availability if you like the security of being in a campground. 


How will I know how to use everything?

We have instructional videos that show every renter how to use things in the van. These videos will be emailed to you after your purchase. We recommend that you watch them before picking up the van and reference them as needed on your trip.


Does the living area have A/C or Heat?

Campervan travel is incredible because it encourages you to focus on the adventure rather than the living space. Although our campervan includes a space heater, insulated curtains, a roof vent-fan and add-ons like down blankets, it does not have rear A/C or heating like a large RV or camper might have. Because of the compact size of our van, we trade things like rear air conditioning for gas mileage and compact parking. Sleeping bags or blankets can do wonders on a cold night


What are my options for using the restroom?

Just like any other road trip we recommend that you utilize gas stations, grocery stores, gyms and restaurants. If you stay at a campground, most will have bath house access that is included in your campsite.


What are my options for showering?

Most people who are road tripping will opt to take showers every couple of days instead of every day. However, here are some good options for when you do:

Campground bathhouses


Go for a swim in the river

Use moist wipes to freshen up

Use the van sink to rinse off and freshen up


What if I break down?

Every van rental comes with roadside assistance. This is included in the price of your rental. We do our best to get you back on the road asap or in another rental if needed. 


What about insurance?

As long as you have full coverage on your existing vehicle all we will need is a copy of your insurance card. If you desire, we do offer additional coverage that you can purchase before your trip for peace of mind. Just let us know your needs when you book your rental.