You've got questions, we've got answers. Feel free to surf this page for help finding all the details about your upcoming rental. If you have any questions that aren't answered here feel free to reach out via our live chat, contact page or call at 205-276-3726


What About Mileage?

     All of our vans come with 100 free miles a day. If more is needed, we have several packages depending on what works best for you. Standard mileage overage is .25/mile if no packages are purchased. Our mileage packages range from 100 miles to unlimited and you can add them to your cart by checking out the add-ons section below the booking calendar.

What About Insurance?

     Our vans come with free basic rental insurance coverage but we do offer additional coverage that you may purchase when you pick up your rental. Just ask us when you get here!

What if I Break Down?

     We offer roadside assistance through Coach-Net that can be added to any rental. This allows you to worry less and focus on the adventure. If roadside assistance is declined we will handle every issue on a case by case basis. Our #1 concern is your safety and we want you to get back on the road as quickly as possible without delay.

How Will I Know How to Use Everything?

     We do a thorough walkthrough and explanation of every van at the time of pickup. This usually takes around 30 minutes and we will answer any questions you may have. 

Where Can I Camp in The Van?

     Designated campgrounds are, by far, the best place to park but there are many options. Some people crash in Walmart parking lot while on their journey, and others stealth camp in quiet neighborhood streets or public lands. It all boils down to your comfort level. 

Where Do I Shower/Use the Restroom?

     Most campgrounds have bathhouses and we encourage our renters to utilize them. While traveling many people use showers at gyms they are already members at or bathrooms at gas stations and restaurants along the way. Some of our vans include a camp shower that you can string up to allow you to shower in the wild!

Does the van have A/C?

     Our vehicles come fully insulated and have a roof vent fan to blow cool fresh air into the cab while you sleep. Camper vans are awesome because they encourage you to get out and see the world around you. The goal is to provide a safe and convenient place to sleep/cook and get out of the elements when needed. Camper vans won't have all of the amenities of home including rear A/C.

Can I Extend My Rental?

     Yes! Depending on our calendar of availability we do allow extensions. Many renters decide they just aren't ready to come back to reality. All extensions are handled on a case by case basis and the sooner you reach out the better your odds are for success. 

Can I Pick the Van up Early?

     Yes! Early pickup can be added to your cart via the add-ons section and costs $50. An early pickup is considered anytime after 6pm of the night before your rental starts. Any rentals that need to be picked up prior to 6pm on the previous day will be charged at a normal daily rate. 

Do I Have to Drop the Van Off by a certain Time?

     Our pickup and drop off time are flexible but we ask that all rentals be dropped off by 3pm. This allows us to properly clean and inspect every vehicle before its next adventure.